We are pleased to announce that our new american online candy store has just gone live! We are a UK based retailer of all those treats from the USA that you have missed yet love.

With over 200+ products to set off our new online american sweetshop, we hope that you enjoy the products that we have to offer! We will continue to grow our range of goodies week by week as we source new, exciting products.

All our american sweets, soda, cereals, breakfast treats, groceries and chocolates have been selected from the best suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that the highest quality is ensured with each selection you make. We also take great time and consideration to ensure tht we can offer ALL of our products at affordable prices.

We stock some of the most popular confectionery manufacturers around including Wonka, Hershey, Reese's and Just Born Inc. They are responsible for some great candy, such as Nerds, Peanut Butter Cups and Hot Tamales.